Vitale Olive Oil Anti-Breakage Relaxer

Vitale Olive Oil Anti-Breakage Relaxer

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Olive Oil is a natural anti-breakage oil that is proven to penetrate inside the hair shaft enhancing the vitality of the hair and providing wellness to the scalp. The goodness of Olive Oil combined with relaxer create the most desirable that is healthy and beautiful. 

Vitale Olive Oil Anti-Breakage No Lye conditioning Relaxer is enriched with Coconut Oil and vitamins, provides double scalp protection, instantly conditions and preserves natural strength of the hair as it straightens. It significantly reduces breakage and prevent damage, leaving the hair stronger, smoother and healthier. 


Time Guide: The minute you start to apply the creme relaxer is beginning of the relaxer procedure. The strand test will give you accurate time for your relaxing needs. 

Step 1: Base
Apply Vitale Base Creme (not included) around the hairline and the entire scalp using small subsections. wait 2 minutes and proceed with relaxer application. 

Step 2: Relaxer Application 
Caution: Do not irritate scalp in any way before applying relaxer, by scratching, combing,or brushing the hair or scalp. Do not use relaxer if hair appears to be damaged, breaking or has split ends.

Do not shampoo or wet hair 24 hours prior to relaxing. Do not use relaxer for 2 weeks before or after color treating hair. Mix liquid acitivator (part B) into Anti-Breakage no lye conditioning relaxer creme (part A) thoroughly until product is uniform and smooth. Be sure to scrape the sides and the bottom of the jar with spatula and look through the bottom of the jar to ensure that creme is mixed well. Part hair into four sections and set timer according to timing guide. wear gloves. 

Virgin Hair (Never Relaxed): using the back of a comb apply an ample amount of relaxer using small subsections to hair 1/2 inch away from scalp or 1/2 inch away from ends. Continue until all four sections are covered and start applying relaxer onto hair cloest to the scalp. 

Retouch Every 6-8 weeks (Previously Relaxed Hair): Using the back of a comb, apply ample amount of relaxer to new growth hair, about 1/4 inch away from the scalp using small subsections. Avoid applying relaxer directly onto the scalp. continue until all four sections are covered. 

Smoothing: Using the back of the comb and finger gently smooth new growth or virgin hair where relaxer was applied to achieve desired staightening. 
Rinse: After desired straightening is achieved, rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. 

Step 3: Neutralizing
Rinse relxer thoroughly. Apply Vitale Chelating Neutralizing Shampoo to entire head and massage into a rich lather. Allow lather to remain on hair for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Note: Chelating neutralizing Shampoo contains a color indicator, which turns pink in areas where relaxer residue is present. Repeat shampoo until suds turn completely white. Towel blot to remove excess water and follow with Citale Olive Oil hair mayonnaise. 

Step 4: Conditioning
After rinsing shampoo and all traces of relaxer residue, towel blot and apply Vitale Oil Hair Mayonnaise. comb with a wide tooth for even distribution. Cover hair with a plastic cap and allow 5 to 10 minutes to process. Rinse with warm water, towel dry and proceed to styling. 

Style: Apply vitale Olive Oil Anti-Breakage leave in conditioner to the entire head. Comb through for even distribution and proceed to blow dry, wrap or roller set.

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