how to protect your natural hair this winter

13th October, 2022

Winter is not everyones favourite weather and everyone prepares for it in their own way. We get our Winter tires ready, our jackets and hand warmer and our head warmers.

Most people put on their head warmers all through winter and forget about their hair until the first week of summer. People usually complain of massive hair loss during this period especially women. It is important that while we protect our body from the cold, we should also protect our hair.

These are tips on how to keep your hair hydrated and moistoirized this winter.

  1. Do not keep your braids in for months! Most women are fond of keeping their braids in for 6 months of winter and complain of so much hair loss.
  2. Prevent breakage by wearing silk scark or hat under your wool hats, because your dry hair will cause friction with the wool and thereby leading to breakage. Capri beauty hair carries varieties of silk scarfs.
  3. Seal in Moisture by using natural oils like jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin e oil and so many other natural oils.

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